Thursday, July 21, 2016

Join the Ruff~olution!

BIG NEWS guys!

I joined the Ruff~olution which is SO near and dear to my heart!! I truly LUV my FOREVER home, my big sister Cleo, and mom and dad...

Did you know??

...They adopted me from CavalierRescueUSA, and I will be FUREVER grateful!!! ~ Bogey

I've joined paws with WagAware for #WagAware4CAVS to help CavalierRescueUSA save more lives of Cavaliers in desperate need. From July 11~25 WagAware will donate a whopping 60% of all sales to CavalierRescueUSA!

The WagAware charm is the official symbol sup~PAW~orting rescue, and guess what? It GLOWS in the dark! Woof!!

Join the Ruff~olution at

Guess what everypawdy??

I joined the Ruff~olution! ...Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend, CLEARLY didn't have a pretty pink WagAware charm!!
~ Cleo

Did you know??

Don't tell him I said so, but I love him with all my heart! 

I got my little brother Bogey from CavalierRescueUSA...and I've also joined paws with WagAware for #WagAware4CAVS because I want to save more lives just like Bogey!

YOU can join the Ruff~olution at 

Woof! See what else we're barking about on Instagram! @indyandcleo

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pretty Darn Cute

How's your Scrabble game?

(Be honest now.)

Pretty low scores lately? Maybe you always seem to be the one person who draws all consonants, or only vowels ~ with no hope of putting down more than a 3 or 4 letter word. Meanwhile, your opponents are drawing amazing letters and creating outstanding word combinations as well as taking advantage of the premium squares on the board. Now you are losing interest in the game...

What advice do we have on improving your score? Proudly pin on your favorite scrabble tile brooch...Well, none really. Except, just have fun with it ~ enjoy the company of friends & family playing the game. Oh, and the snacks.

Sorry 'bout that. You may not win top score, but you WILL look pretty darn cute! Handmade scrabble tile brooches ~ pin one on!
(or two or three!)

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Friday, July 1, 2016

[ hello July ] . . .

hello July!

Wow guys! July 1st is officially here and NOW. Welcome July!

This photograph was taken (by yours truly, with my iPhone) at Laguna's Main Beach, California ~ just about sunset. I waited until my frame was clear of all nearby people, as I wanted the lifeguard tower to really stand alone. I love love LOVE photo editing, and of course, played with the photo a bit using some of my very favorite photo apps... A Color Story, A Beautiful Mess, and Over. Each of these photo editing apps have many filters, effects, fonts and tools to prettify your pics!

When it comes to photography art, or any creative art form, for that matter ~ remember, there is no right or wrong. What's pleasing to the eye is quite simply all subjective. Sooooo... dive right in, do what you like and just have fun with it!

Do you use any photo editing apps? What are your favorites?

Hello July, goodbye June. 

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