Friday, August 6, 2010

PEACOCK is the new FOX!

PEACOCKS are SO in! So in, in fact, that I was inspired to curate my latest treasury titled PEACOCK is the new FOX! a wonderful collection of amazing peacock related creations from the ever popular CCCOE California Crafters Club of Etsy! Explanation of my treasury title? Well, it seems that lately  the animal du jour is the fox. Everywhere you look, anytime an animal is featured, it usually is a fox. Here a fox, there a fox, everywhere a fox fox! I do believe the fox has been so IN that now it is actually OUT! In glides the beautiful and colorful plumage, so elegant, so graceful! Peacock is TRULY the new fox!

So sorry Mr. Fox, though, of course, you know we still love you!
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  1. From MaryMary's September forecast: Woodland Emphasis: Forest animals, especially foxes, bears, and owls. Feathers, acorns, wood-grain, branches, logs, and leaves.

    ... SHE's the reason for all the foxes on FP! Lol

    ~*Erin MacMahon*~


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