Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You scream, I scream, We scream ICE CREAM

THANK YOU to Lil' Princess Bowtique for featuring NEAPOLITAN DAISY Scrabble Tile Pendant in her curated treasury titled You scream, I scream, We scream ICE CREAM a wonderful collection of creations inspired by our favorite summer treat!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Create Your Own Video Slideshow

The video slideshow you see at the top of my blog highlights a few items from my Etsy shop IndyAndCleo, and was created in a matter of minutes. Really simple, and fun to make! Would you like to create your own 30 second video to share with others? Post to your blog? Twitter? Facebook? Creating your own video slideshow is SUPER easy thanks to animoto. The 30 second videos are FREE! You will need to register, they will need your email and you will select a password.

Step 1: images Load your video with images. You can upload right from your computer.

Step 2: music Animoto has a library with lots of music to explore, or if you want you can upload your own MP3. Make sure you have the rights to use it!

Step 3: finalize your video Here you can choose the image pacing, length (the free video is limited to 30 seconds) and style. Create a title, description and producer name. These will be shown in your video credits and on you player page. Click CREATE, and it will take just a few minutes for animoto to prepare your video creation!
Just to show a couple of different styles available, the video at the very top of my blog was created with the Air style and the one below was created with the animoto Original style.

Ta-da!! Now you can share with others via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger, Posterous, WordPress, Tumblr and more! Embed the file and post to your blog or website! Have fun!

Create your own video slideshow at

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Made It To The Front Page of Etsy!

Any Etsy seller knows the absolute icing on the cake at Etsy is to be featured on the very front page. Today, TIDBIT - Striped Sock Monkey was selected as one of the 12 handpicked items out of hundreds of thousands to grace the ever coveted front page! I would like to thank laylaloustudio for including me in this eye-catching treasury! Thank you!! Be sure to visit her shop, it is filled with paper lovliness, art and prints she designs to make people smile!

Welcome to Indy and Cleo!

My first blog post EVER!

creative |krēˈātiv|   adjective relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work

My artistic talents have led to an interest in all things creative, and I am constantly inspired with fun and whimsical ideas and materials. Here, I will share those inspirations and ideas.

The title for my blog page came from my two wonderful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named Indiana Jones and Cleopatra. They absolutely make me smile each and every day! Not only are the dogs the inspiration for the blog title, but you can also see and purchase their individual portraits from my Etsy shop, also named IndyAndCleo!

Speaking of dogs . . . here is a favorite dog related quote:

to err is human, to forgive is canine
- unknown

.  .  .  .  .  .


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