Monday, September 24, 2018

Bluebird of Happiness Day!

Wear happy.  ~ from IndyAndCleo

Well, you’ve been waiting quite some time and it is finally here.

Happy Bluebird of Happiness Day! ✨

Wear happy.


The iconic bluebird of happiness can be traced back to at least 1908, when it appeared in a Nobel prize~winning play, ‘The Bluebird.’


A popular American song of 1934, ‘Bluebird of Happiness’ by Sandor Harmati & Edward Heyman, was recorded twice by Jan Peerce and also by Art Mooney and his Orchestra. That song is probably the origin of the American phrase ‘the bluebird of happiness,’ which is also alluded to in the song ‘Over the Rainbow’ from the ‘Wizard of Oz.’


A scene in the Disney film ‘The Rescuers’ uses the bluebird as a symbol of ‘faith ... you see from afar.’


Bluebirds are a worldwide symbol of love and happiness.

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