Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Woofy Wordless Wednesday!

Cleopatra ~ aka ~ Cleo

Humphrey Bogart ~ aka ~ Bogey

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Now Serving ~ Mini Monkey Love!


ot a bff? Over the moon 'bout someone? Seriously dahling . . . hand out some Mini Sock Monkey Note Cards for guaranteed smiles!

Look what we've cooked up ~ a pinch of charming and a dash of awesomeness! Each delicious serving includes a trio of handmade note cards inspired by my very own original sock monkey creations! A set of three cards depicts a different monkey and tag on the front, delightfully printed backs, and blank inside.

Darling patterned scrapbook paper envelopes, and a scalloped IndyAndCleo sticker to seal your message! Now, hand deliver and wait for the smiles!  : )

Stirring & mixing . . . the first batch is now ready . . . so come dig in! Swing on over to IndyAndCleo to view the entire collection!

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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Things We Do For Pets

hat would you do to keep your fur baby safe?

I was creating a new sock monkey for my Etsy shop, and had positioned the button eyes on with straight pins ~ as I usually do. One of the buttons fell to the floor, and Bogey (who I might add is always faster than lightening) jumped for the button with the pin. I was so afraid he'd swallow it . . . lunging forward, I tried to grab it first. Well, I tripped ~ left hand hit the ground, bent my thumb completely backwards and broke it! Now I am wearing a purple cast covering my thumb and up my forearm. Healing time will be about six to eight weeks, and needless to say I never even completed the sock monkey. Oh yeah, one more thing . . . I'm left handed!

The things we do for pets.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Betsy Ross' Favorite Things . . .

. . . Bet you didn't know she shops on Etsy! Smart girl Betsy!

View the complete list of Betsy Ross' Favorite Things for 2013!

Happy 4th ~ Happy Independence Day!

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