Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vintage Taco!


would like to introduce you to a most beloved childhood treasure of mine. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing . . . *drumroll please* Taco!

Taco is a sock monkey that was handmade and given to me by our next door neighbor Mrs. Kerr. The year was probably 1966 or 1967, and I was about five or six, so that makes Taco around 43 - 44 years old! He's vintage!

The name Taco was entirely my idea, although now I am not sure why I decided on that particular name. Was it my favorite food? Did I have it for dinner the night before? Or, was it the very first word that popped into my head when someone first asked "Does your sock monkey have a name?" Whatever the reason, as far as I was concerned, Taco was the perfect name.

I do remember taking Taco with me everywhere I went. Mostly, I remember going to sleep at night and placing Taco on the outer-most edge of my bed. I always felt safe as long as Taco was there. I always thought Taco would be my friend for life, however, as I grew older, Taco and I were separated after I became "too old" to play.

Many decades later, my mother surprised me and reunited Taco and I. She had tucked him away for many years of safe-keeping in the cedar chest. I was thrilled, and happily took Taco home. Now, my beloved childhood friend sits, still smiling and proudly displayed in my lighted curio cabinet. I am reminded every day of all the fun and smiles we shared together.

My love of sock monkeys continues, as I have been completely inspired to create my own lovable and quite huggable sock monkeys, which can be found in my Etsy shop, IndyAndCleo. Here's hoping they will give someone else a lifetime of hugs and happiness!

~ Mishele

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  1. Yay for Taco! I had one that a family friend made me, unfortunately I gave up toys quite early.
    Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame, wrote a thriller called "Sock," that is narrated by a sock monkey. Quite interesting.

  2. Such a sweet story. Reminds me of Toy Story 3 and the Velvetine (sp?) Rabbit all rolled up in one.


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